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About Me and This Site

Scott on Wedding Day
Likely the best day of my life

This is the personal website of me, Scott E. Whitsitt. Not to be confused with the other Scott Whitsitt's out there ... which I have oddly enough had the pleasure of meeting face to face at an industry conference. There is nothing quite as odd as meeting someone wearing your name tag at a trade show.

Although I do update a variety of social networking sites with status information (look over there ), I'm planning to use this site to pull it all together. As a consultant and business person that focuses heavily on how to leverage the Internet, I figure I should invest a little time in my own site. My wife always refers to me as the shoemaker that has no shoes, so I hope to put an end to that here.

About the Technology On This Site

If you're interested in technology, you might like to know that this site is built using DotNetNuke (DNN). It's a content management system that we've been using at One-to-One Service for a few years, sort of like Wordpress. It's one of the best CMS applications that run on Windows (Windows Server and MS SQL Server database), which makes it a good fit for One-to-One Service.

I've also integrated various aspects of the iService product throughout the site, like the contact forms. Some of the forms create messages in my company's iService CRM system tagged for me, and others create them in other iService sites depending on the nature of the contact.

The website style sheet is responsive, meaning it will adapt to the view port size of your browser. This makes it as usable on your mobile device as your desktop, and anything in between (tablet. etc.). If you're launching a web solution these days, make sure you factor in how it will be used by mobile visitors.

If you think this technology would be good for your business, read my resume to learn more or contact me using the form below.